The primary purpose of scientific research is community uplift. SPAN seeks to fill the gap between scientific discovery and community needs through education, advocacy, and programming targeted towards North Carolina youth.

The Science Policy Action Network was formed in 2014 to fill urgent gaps between scientific advancement and community understanding and benefit. We at SPAN envision a scientific enterprise that grows and creates opportunities, enchaining its success with the prosperity of society as a whole.  We believe that all too many important decisions are made without the comprehensive consultation of leading scientific minds. In order to go forward as a society, we must reconsider the role of science in our decision-making processes.

Our Approach

SPAN takes both a bottom-up and top-down approach to achieve the tethering of society to the scientific community.  This unique approach ensures that society not only makes and endorses scientifically informed decision, but also appreciates, understands, and advocates for science.  The bottom-up and top-down approach also drives the outreach efforts of the scientific enterprise into the community, guaranteeing that all people understand and receive the maximum benefits of science. 

By advocating for increased pay of those committed to STEM-related fields, technological advancements, medical breakthroughs, and general improvements, we believe we can create various equitable qualities of life.  Moreover, SPAN strives to enhance science and improve living by making the most important thing to the scientific community, the community itself.  

What we have done so far:

  • Partnered with the emerging leaders in science and society fellowship program at the University of Chapel Hill 
  • Assisted in the identification and recruitment of lecturers for the University of North Carolina's Course IDST184: Research Beyond Academia
  • Presented Sigma Xi's 2014 membership survey at the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Science and Technology policy