Scientific outreach is essential to the sustainability of the scientific enterprise. 

Scientific outreach is also critical to the ability of the public to maximize the benefits of science. We create, facilitate and promote programming that engages all members of the public with science and scientific advancements. 

Current Initatives

Look GOod, Feel Good! 

november 2015-present

SPAN has teamed up with Adam & Eve ® to provide free condoms through local community businesses to those in need. We believe that access to personal healthcare methods is vital to the ultimate growth of the scientific community. 

The " Look Good, Feel Good" initiative launched on November 21, 2015 was the brainchild of Pearly Jones, a Chapel Hill local businessowner and barber at Legacy Cuts. SPAN is proud to support this initiative, which will soon be active in Durham, NC, as well as Chapel Hill, NC, under the direction of Richard Watkins. For more information, please contact him directly:

Official Press Release for the "Look Good, Feel Good" Campaign

Official Press Release for the "Look Good, Feel Good" Campaign